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A true financial plan is one that you can rely on at any stage in your life. It must be all-encompassing and account for different what-ifs and outcomes because, even if it seems like these scenarios won’t occur, you’ll be glad we helped you plan for them in the event that they do.

Our financial advisors can create different financial plans to meet different needs. Following the completion of your Pangea Analysis, we can help determine which of our tiers is best for you based on how much you need to plan for, given the current state of your life and the financial situation you are in. The best part? We can easily transition you to a different tier if (and when) your financial situation changes

Why You Need a Pangea Financial Plan

Many people are familiar with financial planners that aid in investment management or retirement planning, but at Pangea, we believe that investments and retirements barely scratch the surface. The true, holistic financial plan we design for each unique individual is ongoing. Your financial standing may change numerous times throughout your life and your goals might change as well. Our goal is to continuously personalize and optimize your detailed financial plan so you don’t have to deal with the financial anxieties associated with simply being unaware of what your money can do for you.

Constructing a Holistic Financial Plan With Pangea’s Financial Advisors

A Pangea financial plan is far more than just investments and retirement savings. We’ll work together to give you the financial freedom you deserve. How? By creating a comprehensive financial plan that has all your bases covered.

Step 1: Define your goals

The first step to developing a financial plan is to understand which goals you wish to achieve with your plan. This gives us a starting point for strategizing.

Step 2: Analyze

Once we understand the goals you’d like to achieve, we’ll review your assets and discuss what factors will impact your financial plan, such as the risk you’re comfortable with, your estate, your retirement goals, how you provide for your dependents, and more. This step is crucial as it will give us insight into what your all-encompassing financial plan should cover.

Step 3: Provide Recommendations

After gathering all of this data, our financial advisors will make recommendations as to how we can adjust your finances. This includes planning for potential circumstances you may not have considered, shuffling how much money you put toward certain accounts, and more. These recommendations will make up the holistic financial plan that strives to provide you with financial freedom in any season of your life.

Step 4: Refine and Revise

Now that we have created your financial plan and begun putting it into practice, it’s important to note that your Pangea financial plan is ever-evolving just like your financial status. We will continuously review and track your progress online and revise it based on your changing needs. This way, if the market dips or other unforeseen events take place, you have a plan designed to help manage your accounts and mitigate disrupting your efforts.

Pangea Financial Plan Tiers

Our different financial plan tiers are as follows:

Super Savers

Introductory Planning Conversation

The Essential plan is ideal for individuals and families looking to dive into Basic Goal Based Planning.

Asset Accumulators

Advanced Planning Package

The Advanced plan is perfect for individuals or families looking to organize their financials, plan for the future, and set and monitor financial goals.

Distribution and Legacy

Premier Planning Package

A highly detailed financial plan, the Premier plan is intended for individuals, families, and/or business owners with complex financial needs.

Pangea Financial Group is Your Financial Advisor for Life 

Headquartered in Texas and Florida and serving clients nationwide, we exist to better serve you by way of helping you strategically manage your finances. If you’d like to feel more financially free, please contact us. We would be more than happy to help.

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