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Employee Benefits & Financial Planning

Empower Your Livelihood

Our goal at Pangea is simple: we strive to give you the financial freedom that empowers you to live your most enjoyable life. Our financial advisors will holistically examine your personal finances and your current employee benefits package, create a proactive all-encompassing plan, and ensure you can rely on us every step of the way.

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Holistically Analyze Your Finances & Employee Benefits

Holistically Analyze Your
Finances & Employee Benefits

As a business owner, your company (and yourself) should be in the best financial standing possible. If you offer employee benefits, we’ll ask the right questions to gain insight into your finances and connect the dots to achieve better outcomes for your employees and your business as a whole.

Holistically Analyze Your Finances & Employee Benefits
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Proactively Eliminate Uncertainty

To achieve true financial wellness, it’s important to take into account the “what if’s” while also identifying opportunities for improvement. You can trust that, as an individual or an employer offering employee benefits, Pangea will eliminate any financial uncertainty and provide you with peace of mind.

Financial Planning Services

• Insurance analysis
• Investment management

• Consulting strategies
• Tax planning

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Cultivate Lifelong Relationships

Discussing finances and devising a plan means being vulnerable and open to other perspectives. We work hard to make certain you’re comfortable entrusting Pangea when you need us to review your finances and employee benefits package.

Employee Benefit Services

• Medical, Dental, Vision
• Life Insurance
• Employee Assistance Programs

• Disability, Medical GAP
• Business Insurance Planning

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Pangea: Your Financial Planner for Life 

Headquartered in Texas and Florida and serving clients nationwide, Pangea Financial Group believes that detailed planning is the key to financial security. Once we get to know your needs as an individual and/or as an employer offering employee benefits, we will develop a comprehensive plan of action that helps you work toward your goals and can be easily adapted as your finances change.

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Our Employee Benefits & Financial Services

As you grow your money, life can become a bit more complicated, which means you have to plan for a lot more than you probably expected.
In addition to offering financial planning services, we also offer employee benefits planning.

Pangea Plans
Pangea Plans

A true financial plan is a detailed roadmap that tells individuals and business owners where they are and exactly where to go at any stage of life. However, this also means that a proper financial plan may require various components to ensure that you’re heading in the right direction. Our Pangea Plans include:

Employee Benefits
Employee Benefits

If you’re a business owner, we can help you attract and retain talent with a comprehensive group insurance benefits package that is right for you and your team.

- Disability insurance (group, individual, and overhead expense)
- Business insurance planning (Buy-Sell, Key-Person, Business Continuation)

Financial Services
Financial Planning

A comprehensive financial plan is more than the typical plan–it’s built around your goals for retirement, investments, and planning for your estate.


Free Preliminary Financial Analysis

If you’re ready to take control of your finances, Pangea can perform a preliminary analysis of your finances to determine how to best help you work toward your financial goals.


Free Employee Benefits Analysis

As an employer providing employee benefits, you must act in accordance with ERISA Law. We work with you to help you stay compliant and assist in drafting an employee benefits plan that is in the best interest of your employees.

Pursue Financial Freedom With Pangea

Financial freedom may seem distant, but Pangea is committed to helping you manage your finances, offer excellent employee benefits, and empower you to live the life you’ve always wanted to by building trust, being diligent, and acting with integrity at all times.

Clients’ Success Stories

Columbus-based Company Achieves $110,000+ Annual Savings

California-based Company Achieves $120,000+ Annual Savings

Florida-based Engineering Firm Achieves $23,000+ Annual Savings

Knowledge Base

As your financial advisors, we understand the importance of accessing your information at all times and understanding our recommendations. Our knowledge base is complete with valuable tips and client portal support, should you need it.

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Pangea Financial Group

Our financial advisors provide employee benefits plans, insurance analysis, financial planning, investment management, and financial consulting.


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