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Growing a business is a difficult undertaking today as business owners must confront a myriad of tax laws and regulations while trying to effectively create products or services, manage their employees, develop and cultivate clients, and do so profitably.

Oftentimes, business owners are too absorbed in their business to tend to their own financial needs, and they may also overlook key planning considerations that could help their business grow and prosper. Not to mention, the livelihood of a business owner can be imperiled when unexpected events occur that adversely affect the bottom line of the business.

With so many factors affecting your company’s profitability and finances playing a large role in it, it’s a great idea to work with our experienced financial advisors. We will take a look at your business’s financial standing and work together to understand what your goals are. We can assist with the financial management of your company, while simultaneously attracting and retaining the talent that will help make your business successful.

Business Owner Needs


For many business owners, their business is their primary retirement asset. After many years of building a successful business they expect to convert it to an income for retirement by selling it. If you are relying upon the business as their sole means of retirement, this unfortunately means that you run the risk that it may not attain the value needed to produce the necessary income for your intended retirement lifestyle.

Businesses can fail. Businesses can lose value in certain economic cycles. The timing is not always right to sell a business. Many times the true value of the business lies in your team’s talents and your goodwill as the business owner who won’t be around to run the business after you retire. As a business owner today, you must prepare for retirement with the same level of diversification recommended for any retirement plan. The good news is that business owners have access to a number of qualified and non-qualified retirement plan options that can provide a cornerstone for their retirement income needs, and our Houston and Florida-based financial advisors can guide you in implementing a suitable retirement plan that takes all these factors into consideration.

Business Succession

When a business owner/partner dies, the business loses a valuable asset and could suffer in the short term. In the long term, you/surviving partners must determine if the business can survive when the partner’s family members express their interest in the business.

For the families of business partners, the business interest is often their biggest asset and they could become the rightful owner of that interest as a result of the death of a partner. They will want to receive their share of the business, either in direct compensation or through their participation as an active partner in the business.

If the surviving partner does not have the capital to compensate the family for their share, their options are limited. A business succession plan developed by our financial advisors can provide for the orderly transfer of the business interest from the deceased’s family to the business.

Key Employee Protection

One of the more devastating events a small business can suffer is the loss of a key employee. Oftentimes, it’s a key employee who brings a special talent to the business and is responsible for much of your success as the business owner. The loss of such a valuable asset could set your business back for a period of time–and at tremendous cost–while the business owner seeks to find a replacement, if one can be found at all.

In financial planning, we are taught that our most valuable assets–our home, our ability to earn income, our cars–should be insured against an unexpected loss. It’s no different for business owners as the loss of a valuable business asset could harm the business.

Buying life insurance coverage on a key employee makes good business sense. The amount of coverage should be enough to cover the costs of recruiting and paying a replacement, loss of earnings to the company, redemption of stock, and even a salary continuation plan arrangement with the surviving family.

Executive Compensation

In a small business setting, it could take years to find or develop the executive talent needed to build your business to the next level. Executive talent is hard to come by, and it is even more difficult on your business when it walks out the door in pursuit of another opportunity.

When key executives are presented with a strong monetary incentive package, including attractive employee benefits, they are more likely to stay and utilize their talents where they feel appreciated and appropriately rewarded. Structured incentive plans can help keep key executives in place and motivate them to higher levels of performance.

Plans such as Non-qualified Deferred Compensation, Executive Bonus, and Split Dollar Life Insurance are life insurance-based plans that enable the business to offer current and future benefits to their key executives in exchange for their continued service for a specified period of time.

Every business owner knows the importance of keeping their business afloat, but sometimes figuring out how to do so can be challenging and confusing. At Pangea Financial Group, which is headquartered in Texas and Florida and serves clients nationwide, is here to guide you in growing your business and protecting your assets. We will take the time to understand your financial situation and your goals and implement a financial strategy to address your specific situation.

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